Technical Drawings

STD 1-eps layer build up

STD 2 mw layer build up

STD 3 eps layer corners

STD 4-stress patch doors and windows

STD 5-External-Corner-Detail

STD 6a-Typical-section-of-base-profile-Type-1

STD 6b-Typical-section-of-base-profile-Type-2

STD 6c-Typical-section-of-base-profile-Type-3

STD 6d-Typical-section-of-base-profile-Type-4

STD 6e-Typical-section-of-base-profile-Type-5

STD 7a-Insulated-window-reveal-detail

STD 7b-Insulated-window-head-detail-Type-1

STD 10b-Roof-eaves-details-Type-2

STD 10a-Roof-eaves-details-Type-1

STD 9 metal sill extension

STD 8-Vertical-movement-joint-details

STD 7c-Insulated-window-head-detail-Type-2

STD 10c-Roof-eaves-details-Type-3

STD 10d-Roof-eaves-details-Type-4

STD 13 Vertical fire break between party wall

STD 14-Fire barrier horizontal joint

STD 15 expansion joint

STD 019a Chimney breast

STD 19b Flue Mineral wool

STD 20 Flexible joints

STD 21 Fire break

STD 23a-fixing pattern eps and xps

STD 23b-fixing pattern mw

STD 24 Satellite mounting

STD 25-1 Eco-oversill

STD 26 Garden wall basetrack

Flashing detail Weston Gardens