BP19 PVC standing seam aesthetic facade strip

Application: forming longitudinal, decorative grooves in the shape of standing seams on the surface of the thermal insulation facade

Functional properties:    

  • longitudinal grooves in the shape of standing seams on ETICS façades,
  • flexible spacing of the seams – (distances between seams) unachievable using the technique of standing seam joining of sheet metal,
  • cheaper and quicker installation when compared to standing seam joining of sheet metal.


Assembly procedure:

Installation of BP19 strip is similar to installation of strips and profiles for light  wet ETICS façades.

The BP19 strip features fibreglass mesh strips on both sides the outer seam (PVC body). The fibreglass net is permanently attached to the body by means of ultrasonic welding, which provides high break strength in order to guarantee safe joining of the PVC profile (body) with the fibreglass mesh strips.

Installing the BP19 strip to the surface of the façade is intuitive where no grooves must be made in the façade itself as is the case with rustication strips. First spread the glue for submerging the fibreglass on the thermal cladding and install the façade fibreglass mesh, then glue the BP19 strip and then the strips of fibreglass mesh on the BP19 strip; cover from the top with another piece of the façade fibreglass mesh with overlap; then all meshes should be submerged in the glue – preferably in the same gluing operation. The facade is then ready for plastering.

The BP19 PVC standing seam aesthetic facade strip with a mesh is available in white technical colour and can be covered with facade paints such as acrylic, silicate, silicone paints.

For the best visual use the same the colour of the plaster and the topcoat paint of the BP19 standing seam – then the effect of the imitation of metal seam will be best.

The BP19 PVC standing seam aesthetic facade strip can also be offered in any other colour, including metallic, silver etc.

BP19 PVC aesthetic standing seam strip may require special blanking. For blanking use a system cap, BP19 CAP.

Insert the BP19 CAP into the BP19 profile – preferably at the time of mounting the BP19 profile while gluing it to the façade – then the BP19 CAP will be sunk in glue at its base, to ensure it is permanently embedded in the BP19 profile, while the next layer – wall plaster – will additionally embed the cap.

BP19 CAP is made of PVC – same as the BP19 strip. The cap is made in white technical colour – to be covered with paint – preferably in the RAL colour of the BP19 PVC aesthetic standing seam strip.

BP19 CAP must be used whenever the BP19 PVC aesthetic standing seam strip is left open, uncovered, such as from above by roofing sheets. BP19 CAP provides a fully aesthetic, even, repeatable and tight closing of the BP19 strip.

PLEASE NOTE: If the BP19 strip is not protected with the cap, this may lead to insects entering the strip and/or a wind whistle effect during windy weather.



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BP19 L300






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