BP12 MINI U PVC window profile with seal 6mm/3mm

Application: for the proper implementation of expansion joints between the window frame and internal plaster. Functional properties:

  • Eliminates plaster cracks at the interface between the window frame and plaster
  • Seals the connection of the window frame and plaster
  • Aesthetic, even finish of the connection of the window frame and plaster
  • Accelerates the plastering work
  • Available in wood colours – increases the aesthetics with wood-stained windows and with coloured veneers


Assembly: BP13 beads are typical, commonly used products for the proper implementation of expansion joints between the window frame and internal plaster. The bead has a special non-absorbent expansion foam, a seal that protects the foam against dirt and damage and a lost element. We offer several dimensions of the beads depending on customer needs. We offer a variety of external widths and different widths of the inner tray for plaster.

The offer also includes BP12 series beads in the colours of wood and veneers: golden oak, rosewood, mahogany, teak, dark walnut.

Installation of the bead should start by cleaning, degreasing and drying the window frame. Next, determine the installation site of the BP12 bead onto the window frame. The next step is to cut the appropriate length of the bead with a knife. Before gluing the bead, remove the yellow cover from the white expansion foam and immediately stick the bead to the frame. After sticking beads to the frame, wait approx. 2 hours, to ensure good bonding of adhesive. The next step is to stick protective film on the window to secure it against soiling during plastering. BP12 bead is provided with a movable lost element, with an adhesive strip protected by a yellow cover. Remove the yellow cover and glue the film to the adhesive strip. The window prepared this way allows for starting plastering work without fear that the window will be permanently stained.

The plaster should be floated in such a way, to force it into the tray in the BP12 bead, after which excess plaster must be cut off exactly at the outer edge of the bead. After the plaster has dried (preferably after a few days – depending on weather conditions) remove the lost element along with the protective film from the window. Removal of the lost element should start from the corner of the window in one downward movement.

ATTENTION! – The BP12 reveal beads are the only ones on the market that have been tested by the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw (ITB) approving their use for PVC, wood and aluminium windows (Technical Approval AT-15-9164/2013)


Namelength (mm) *no. of pieces / bulk package
BP12 MINI U L250250030
BP12 MINI U L300300030