BP11HNS – PVC rustication profile enclosed with a removable strip (with mesh)

Application: for making decorative rustications in the thermal insulation cladding.

Functional properties:

BP11H3NS closed PVC groove bead with lost element, with mesh, is a completely new, patented technical solution (Patent Application P-402775). The bead has an outer closure in the form of a flat bar, which seals the interior of the bead. The flat bar is a lost element to be removed after installation of the bead when the plaster dries. The BP11H3NS bead offers the following benefits in the offered solution:

  • Total absence of adhesive and plaster loss during installation, plaster blurring between rustications goes extremely easy, with no attention to the groove beads mounted. The float with plaster is moved based on the beads. In this way, no plaster falls into the interior of the bead. The plaster is applied perfectly evenly, there is no possibility of the formation of unevenness of plaster between successive beads because the float has an equal backing on the beads.
  • Significant acceleration of plastering work without wasting time on tedious gluing and plastering near the beads
  • Perfectly clean bead, well protected with plastic outer seal against mechanical and chemical damage on the building site
  • Perfectly straight shape – the bead retains manufacture dimensions thanks to the closure, which stiffens the bead during installation – absence of „waving” of the bead.



The assembly is done by making grooves in the thermal cladding, filling them with adhesive for gluing the fibreglass mesh to the thermal cladding and inserting the BP11H3NS groove bead into the groove. Fill the space below the bead and under the perforated wings of the bead with glue in a precise manner. Then draw the glue on the thermal cladding above and below the bead and embed the fibreglass mesh into it, so that the mesh overlaps (covers) the bead’s mesh strips and the perforated wing of the bead from the outside. The adhesive drawn over should be levelled between the beads. After the adhesive has dried, after priming, you can start plastering. With the BP11H3NS groove bead, plastering is extremely easy and efficient by spreading the plaster in the same way as on a flat façade, with no groove beads installed. This treatment is possible thanks to the bead closure, which serves as a guide for the float with plaster.
Once the plaster has dried, remove the lost element by breaking it outside the BP11H3N bead. Lost element is mounted on the bead through invisible connections made of soft PVC, which guarantees the removal of the lost element (closure) in all thermal conditions without the risk of cracking, breakage, etc.




width (mm)

depth (mm)

fibreglass mesh width (mm)

no. of pieces / bulk package


BP11 H1 NS L300 10 10 2 X 100   in development
BP11 H2 NS L300 20 20 2 X 100 10 available
BP11 H3 NS L300 30 20 2 X 100 10 available
BP11 H5 NS L300 50 20 2 X 100   in development