BP11 HTS – triangular PVC rustication strip with mesh

Application: For decorative rustications in the thermal insulation cladding.

Functional properties:

  • guarantee of simple, equal grooves in the façade
  • reinforcement of the groove edge through the introduction of hard PVC strip
  • cheaper and quicker installation when compared to the “manual” rustication using corner beads with mesh
  • resistant to water and mechanical damage


The BP11 HTS rustication strip with mesh in the shape of a triangular recess (groove), 30 mm deep and 25 mm wide at the base of the triangle is an addition to the company’s offer of PVC rustication profile system.

The BP11 HTS strip can be installed (similarly to traditional rustication strips featuring a square recess) vertically and/or horizontally.

Rustication or in other words decorative grooves in the façade is an architectural treatment, common already in ancient times. In our times this method is successfully used in the contemporary architectural form of erected buildings. Rustication improves the visual effect of the façade, increases its aesthetic values, introduces divisions which ennoble the facade thus making even an exceptionally monotonous and devoid of ideas façade more interesting. The most important effect of rustication for horizontally installed rustication strips is the optical „lowering” of the building, and when strips are installed vertically – the impression of optical raising, slimming of the building.

Installation: The BP11 HTS rustication strip with mesh is available in the following dimensions: depth 30mm, width 25mm at the base of the triangular recess. The fibreglass mesh is permanently fixed (by ultrasonic welding, no glue) longitudinally on both sides of the rustication profile. Mesh width is 2 x 100 mm. To install the BP11 HTS rustication strip, make a triangular recess in the thermal insulation cladding, approximately 5mm larger than the external dimensions of the BP11 HTS strip.  Use a burner featuring a triangular shaped heater to make the groove or cut it our with a knife. Cutting out a triangular recess by hand (using a knife or saw) is very simple for a triangular shaped groove.

If requested by the Client, Bella Plast will produce rustication profiles in any colour.  Standard colour: technical white for painting with façade paints: acrylic, silicone, silicate.



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