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  • Biofarba 008

    Biofarba 008

    Innovative facade paint with the highest biological protection.
    Thanks to using the BIO PRUF system it is an ideal
    solution for places exposed to algae, mildew fungi growth
    (near forests, parks and large bodies of water). Used
    for painting all mineral, concrete beds and decorative
    plasters of all types. Vapour permeable, easily washable,
    resistant to scrubbing, elastic and highly hydrophobic.

     Technical Data Sheet

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  • Eco paint 009

    Eco paint 009

    Innovative paint, based on ecological polymeric adhesives,
    natural fillers with the ECO PROTECT biological protection
    system based on active silver. It does not contain
    biocides. Intended for painting facades and interiors.
    It is appropriate for application on different kinds of
    thin-layer plasters, concrete substrates, cement-lime
    substrates, gypsum and other mineral substrates. High
    quality of coating, with decreased absorptivity.

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  • Nanotech 006

    Nanotech 006

    Specialist facade paint with self-cleaning properties,
    ideal for all mineral substrates (cement-lime, cement
    plasters, concretes), thermal insulation systems and
    for renovation of historic buildings. Especially recommended
    for renovation of facades. Highly hydrophobic,
    easily washable, resistant to UV with high coverage.
    Intended for interiors and exteriors.

     Technical Data Sheet

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