Our journey started over 40 years ago in Germany, when Norbert Kreisel founded the first production plant.

At this point, we have entered the FIXIT GUPPE European Construction Group, the owner of 62 factories located in 19 countries, under the KREISEL, HASIT, RÖFIX and FIXIT brands. In 1993, we debuted on the Polish market. It was that year that company KREISEL Polska was founded in Poznań.

Our first production plant was located there, as well as the first management and marketing center, where all key decisions are made.

KREISEL offers a wide range of high-quality, state of the art construction materials for constructing, renovating and decorating apartments, houses and offices.
These include in particular: EXTERNAL iNSULATION SYSTEMS ( on Styrofoam and mineral wool ) adhesive mortars, outdoor- and indoor-use plasters, gypsum mortars, primers and insulating mortars, self-leveling flooring mortars, putty, jointing mortars, facade paint and finishing coats and cleaning and maintenance solutions.
All products are meticulously and thoroughly tested at every stage of preparation. Testing is performed by certified laboratories located in every KREISEL plant.

Kreisel is also environmentally friendly company, in which the primary goal is to care for the natural environment: reducing greenhouse gas and dust, waste production optimization, as well as the rational use of energy, fuels and natural resources.
Any investments and activities associated with the introduction of new technologies and organizational improvements are integrally subordinated environmental protection for building environmental awareness in the region and stable policies and strategy for undertaking the highest standards of environmental subordinate company has received, among others, Certified GREEN WAY.

KREISEL strives at being viewed not only as a leading manufacturer offering highest quality products, but also as a company with a heart. Success naturally translates into a need to help others. KREISEL has thus committed to charity.
We provide support in building schools, kindergartens and children’s homes.
Moreover, we support various foundations and charity organizations all over Poland. Mark Kreisel gets better with every year more and more satisfied customers from German high technology produtcs, the extremely materials for external insulation.
In particular, new customers are welcome to taste and purchase our products and guarantee full satisfaction from purchased materials.